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Magma Bird Dogs trains monthly in Phoenix from November through May. Payments via cash or check are accepted and are due in advance. Food, transportation and birds are included.

"A Month with Bill Gibbons" This article is from the online field trialing magazine, Strideaway, and describes a month spent at Bill's summer camp in 2010.

Bill working with a young prospect
Hunting Dog Training
Steady to wing and shot. Basic training for your hunting companion. Click here to see some of our previous dogs.

$800 / month

Force Retrieving
Finished product is happy to bring the bird to hand every time. New and faster technique makes force breaking much more efficient and is gentler on both the dog and handler.

$800 / month

Limited Field Trial Training
Dogs are trained for the owner or another handler to campaign. Click here to view some of our previous field trial winners.
$800 / month
Summer Training
Steady to wing and shot. Dogs start on pigeons and are later worked on bobwhite quail. Horseback training is also available here in the spacious Cienecas of the White Mountains. Reservations must be made by June 1st. The first month’s payment includes $300 for additional expenses and is due in advance. Subsequent payments are billed the first of each month. Food, housing, transportation and birds are included.

$2500 / 3 months (June 15th - September 15th)

Please contact Tamra at (602) 272-8008 or Bill at (602) 799-8072
to register your dog for a session or for more information.

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