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Posted on June 17, 2011

Because of the fires at our summer camp grounds, we will be training in Phoenix until the end of June.  We are confident that as soon as the rains start, which is usually about the first of July, we will be able to relocate somewhere in the White Mountains and continue our training.  Until then we are continuing forward with the training.  We have a very talented group of dogs this year for training, and are enjoying working with them.


Wallow FireWe are in touch with the Forest Service, and several ranchers and friends in the training area who are keeping us apprised of what is happening, so as soon as we know we will post a message as to where we will be continue our training. 

There are many more important problems occurring in our state at this time.   We will be diligent in trying to get answers as soon as possible.  Many thanks to those who are putting in the work so we may all enjoy the very beautiful and divers parts of our beloved Arizona.

Tamra and Bill Gibbons 

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