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"A Month with Bill Gibbons" This article is from the online field trialing magazine, Strideaway, and describes a month spent at Bill's summer camp in 2010. A comprehensive guide to bird dog training, upland bird hunting, and first aid advice for the sport.

Arizona Pointing Dog Club The Arizona Pointing Dog Club is the organization for the hunter who wants to do more than just hunt with his or her dog during hunting season.  The club promotes the training and use of pointing dogs in the sport of upland bird hunting in order to enjoy the sport to its highest potential.

National Vizsla Association Consider this the encyclopedia on Vizslas -- a Hungarian pointing dog. The purpose of the Vizsla Home Page is to share information with others who are enthusiastic about the Vizsla. As such, they feature (and update bi-weekly) photographs, articles, references, and much more.

Arizona Game and Fish Dept. Laws, rules and regulations regarding small game hunting in Arizona. Also provides other useful articles and information for the sportsman enthusiast.

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