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Bill and Tamra Gibbons have owned and operated the West Side Pet Center since 1982.
West Side Pet Center is located at 4155 W. Whitton Ave. in Phoenix, Arizona. The center houses a total of 40 kennels, half of which are reserved for dogs in training. The remaining 20 kennels are available for boarding.

Bill, Tamra and family

Each indoor/outdoor kennel is comprised of 4 x 14 square foot concrete construction. The indoor portion of each kennel is equipped with both heating and evaporative cooling. The kennels are monitored regularly throughout the day and there is night supervision as well. The dogs are kept inside during bad weather and at night during cold weather. Each kennel is cleaned and disinfected two to three times per day, depending on the needs of the individual dog.

Feedings are given in the morning. Special feedings and medications may be administered for an extra fee. Grooming is also available.

Current daily rates are $20.00 per day. We do offer special rates for 30 days and over with a two week deposit. All shots must be current.

Click here for directions to the West Side Pet Center.

Please contact Tamra at (602) 272-8008 to reserve a kennel or for more information.

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