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Bill Gibbons has been training and field trialing pointing breeds for more than thirty years. A graduate of the University of Arizona, Bill earned a Bachelor's degree in Animal Science in 1971. He began training dogs the following year as manager of a southern Arizona shooting preserve.

Although he had been training his own dogs for some time, it wasn’t until he worked with the preserve dogs that he discovered how much he enjoyed training and campaigning dogs. In 1973, Bill founded Magma Bird Dogs and has been training professionally ever since.

Bill with a young prospect in 1973

Bill has handled approximately thirty dogs to their AKC Field Championships, including five national championship titles in the Vizsla and German Wirehair breeds. He campaigned the number one ranked Weimaraner in the country and trained a Brittany that went on to win the National Amateur Championship. Bill began competing in the American Field Trials in 1989 and has succeeded in earning four championship and six runner-up wins.

For the past twelve years, Bill and his wife, Tamra, have staged the Arizona Open Shooting Dog Championship, as well as the Region 12 Amateur Championship trials. Both are American Field Championships held annually in Kingman, Arizona. Bill has also judged a variety of prestigious events nationwide, including the NGSPA National Championship and the International Endurance Championship.

Bill and his unique training methods were featured in two separate articles in the sporting dog journal American Field

Additionally,he contributed to the book The Brittany: Amateurs Training with Professionals by Martha H. Greenlee and David Webb and produced a video with fellow professional Bill West on training pointing Labs. Bill was also one of the founding members of the Rio Salado Vizsla Club.

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Bill Gibbons Professional dog trainer

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