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With a heavy heart I have to announce that I will no longer be taking in dogs for training.  I have reached a point in my life where it is time for me to slow down and tend to my own well being.  I think that is called retirement.  I will still be involved with my own dogs, and still enjoy the thrill of teaching dogs to hunt, but only at my own pace.  I will still be available to talk you thru a problem if I can, and I love to talk dogs.  We will be relocating to Cottonwood, Arizona where we grew up, as our business in Phoenix has been sold.

Many thanks to the many people who have supported me thru the years, if you did not believe in me I could never have achieved my goals.  I have had a good long run, and am looking forward to the years ahead.

Bill and Tamra Gibbons

Bill Gibbons


Rattle Snake Proofing Your Dog

Rattle Snake Proofing your Dog

Please be assured that our snakebreaking has been turned over into very capable hands.  Matt and Candi Sutter are very capable of continuing where we left off.   You will be able to reach them at 623-826-4323.

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